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2014 Theological Reading Challenge: "Light in the Dark Belt" by Rosa Young

by Kathryn Galchutt — November 25, 2014

With all the racial tensions and unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, that have dominated the news in recent days and months, Rosa Young’s autobiography of educational ministry in the Black Belt of Alabama in the early twentieth century, Light in the Dark Belt, can seem a “safe” and distant tale of racial uplift from yesteryear. Yet for those who live and work in the Black Belt today, the social and economic challenges of the past seem all too apparent in the present...

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2014 Theological Reading Challenge: “Christianity Rediscovered” by Vincent Donovan

by Sarah Wilson — November 17, 2014

Vincent Donovan, a Catholic priest and missionary, was not a pioneer in mission thought, though he certainly was in experience. Reflecting on the almost abject failure of Catholic missions in Tanzania after a full century of building schools, hospitals, and churches, he decided to try a new tactic in sharing the gospel with the “unreachable” Maasai: instead of building or giving them anything, he would offer the gospel alone. He would not plant a church. He would not offer medical care. He would not establish educational systems. He would not even give small offerings of food or materials. He would approach the Maasai with only the gospel, and let them figure out what to do with it...

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Review of “I Am Not Afraid: True Accounts form the Lutheran Church of Madagascar” by Robert H. Bennett

by Sarah Wilson — November 10, 2014

Bennett’s study of demon possession and exorcism in a sister Lutheran church on the other side of the globe embodies all the promise and pitfalls of cross-cultural theological learning. He is above all to be commended for even making the effort, as most churches continue to look inward for solutions rather than outward, and Americans are possibly more guilty of this than others, operating as we do under the delusion of being the center of the world and the cutting edge of reality...

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Learning Luther: November

by Paul R. Hinlicky — November 04, 2014

Luther’s controversial doctrine was not justification by grace. He and his opponents agreed that justification was by grace, indeed, by grace alone. They differed in that for Luther the justifying grace of Christ becomes effective personally, pro me (for me), by the grace of faith overtaking me, the sinner, who otherwise does not and cannot believe, that is, personally surrendering to the Christ who is “for me.” Luther’s controversial teaching, then, was that such personally appropriating faith—faith in Christ, to be sure—justifies, but all the same it is faith, faith alone, in Christ alone...

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2014 Theological Reading Challenge: The Augsburg Confession

by Sarah Wilson — October 20, 2014

If you are a Lutheran, you need to read the Augsburg Confession at least once in your life. If you are a Lutheran pastor, you need to read the Augsburg Confession way more than once in your life. For this document, along with the Small Catechism (which all Lutherans are supposed to get in confirmation, whether as students or teachers), are the confessional foundation of every Lutheran church in the world. To be a Lutheran church means, at a minimum, to commit to the teaching of the Augsburg Confession and the Small Catechism...

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