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Theological Reading Challenge 2014: Thomas Aquinas’s Summa Theologica

by Sarah Wilson — September 15, 2014

Don’t be daunted! The Reading Challenge does not expect you to read every word of the Summa Theologica. Chances are not many people ever have, aside from Thomas scholars (and maybe not even all of them—there’s an awful lot of Summa). The pleasure of the Summa is not in plowing straight through it but in dropping in for regular visits. Thomas’s goal was to cover everything under the sun related to God, creation, human nature, Jesus Christ, and the sacraments. He probably came as close as anyone in Christian ever has to doing so. “Comprehensive” is the best word to describe his magnum opus...

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Learning Luther: September

by Paul R. Hinlicky — September 08, 2014

Luther’s Latin word, “alien,” is likely to alienate us today! That is to say, to us this word means something “out of this world,” as in an “alien space ship,” something strange or exotic or foreign. But we have to put these connotations aside to understand Luther’s meaning when he argues in this short treatise that the Christian’s righteousness is, first and foremost, “alien.” By this he simply means that the Christian’s righteousness is first, and ever first, the deed, and hence the property, of Jesus Christ...

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Listen to the New Setting of "Jesus, Lead Thou On"

by Sarah Wilson — September 01, 2014

Paul Gaschler, a senior at Concordia College–Nebraska, has composed a new setting for the classic hymn "Jesus, Lead Thou On." Not sure yet if you'll like it? Then listen to it here. The mp4 file begins with an intro and plays through the tune four times, making it suitable for accompaniment during worship...

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Review of "Your Encounters with the Holy Spirit" by David S. Luecke

by Eric Jonas Swensson — August 26, 2014

Discerning the gifts of the Spirit is vital for all Christians and has been a controversial issue in Lutheranism from its earliest days. Could it be that the malaise in our Lutheran denominations might be symptomatic of an uneasiness or a lack of knowledge about the Holy Spirit in our spiritual practices? If you are the pastor or a leader of a congregation in North America (or any other Western nation) you know well the statistics concerning the diminishment of denominations. Even if your congregation continues to grow, you have heard the exasperations of pastors and church workers. Then there is the stream of literature on the subject that crosses your path no matter where you turn...

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The Truth about "Radical Hospitality"

by Paul R. Hinlicky — August 18, 2014

“Radical hospitality” is the catchphrase given to movements among mainline American Protestants to invite, as a matter of principle, unbaptized persons to the holy Supper. It is already practiced in some ELCA congregations and is reported to be a topic of conversation among the ELCA Conference of Bishops this fall. What is the theological justification for such a move?...

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