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The Story of Our Son

by Jeffrey D. Marble — April 14, 2014

I ain’t stupid. I may be ignorant, but I ain’t stupid. And, that’s all right. All I need is a book, or a teacher, or an experience to fix it. It’s the experiences that are kind of fun—adventurous, even. They tend to reveal and relieve ignorance in one fell swoop. Sometimes it feels like getting smacked upside the head with a two by four. I got smacked—hard—about eighteen years ago. Debbie and I were several thousand feet above Central America with four other U.S. couples in an airplane. Thank heaven it was dark. If it hadn’t been, I’d have been looking out the window and the thought never would have occurred to me. “What do we do when we land?” ...

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Preaching with Luther in April

by Paul R. Hinlicky — April 03, 2014

Considerable wisdom is to be found in the notes for today in Sundays and Seasons when it admonishes preachers to join the Bible in giving “stark attention to the reality of death… both the ‘death’ that is sin and the finality of death when our bodies die” (p. 146). For you cannot have a resurrection without first a death. Only so can we affirm with the creed “not some immortality of the soul but rather the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting, the life of the world to come” (p. 146). This attitude of faith in face of real death is what Luther, commenting on today’s Epistle lesson from Romans 8, called the “prudence of the Spirit”...

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2014 Reading Challenge: The Gospel of Mark

by Sarah Wilson — March 31, 2014

From a lifetime of churchgoing and theological study, there are probably no texts in the world that I’ve read and heard more times than the Gospels (with the possible exception of Beatles songs, in my case). And yet I am always amazed by how re-reading brings to light something I had never caught before, creates connections I had never perceived before. The Bible is not a book that you read just to get the point or figure out the plot and be done with it. It really is a holy Scripture that calls for many encounters in many different ways, always waiting on the Holy Spirit to shed light. I was amazed once again while reading through the Gospel of Mark...

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Review of "The Real Luther" by Franz Posset

by Andrew L. Wilson — March 24, 2014

What a title! It’s certainly enough to pique the interest—as well as the suspicion—of any bona fide Luther aficionado. Caveat emptor: don’t mistake this pointed study for a comprehensive biography. As the subtitle indicates, we deal here with the ever-elusive and silent cipher of the young friar Luther: that embryonic, psychologically charged genius that launched a thousand speculative, pugnacious biographies...

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2014 Theological Reading Challenge: Job

by Sarah Wilson — March 17, 2014

Job is legendary, certainly the most famous and invoked book of the Old Testament except possibly Genesis. It is also probably one of the least read. Only the first couple chapters and the last are in a recognizable story format; the other 39 chapters are long poems, mostly rebuking ones. It asks hard questions and has a kind-of happy ending, though whether the answers are firm, irrefutable, or satisfactory is another matter. It’s no wonder Job exerts such a grip on the imagination...

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