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Learning Luther: The Second Table of the Commandments

by Paul R. Hinlicky — October 31, 2015

If the God Who gives all things to all creatures is our one and only eternal good, that is, alone the One worthy of captivating the whole desire of our hearts, then the world of His gifts is the site of sanctification, the place where the love of this God takes place in holy love for His creatures in all sorts of specific ways: social, familial, economic, legal, and personal. Secular life, that is, life in this passing world—individually our temporary and spatially delimited span within in it, socially our nations and empires that rise and fall—is the place given for holy and creative labor in fulfillment of the image of God. Here on the earth we are made in the image of God for likeness to God. The common body is the object of God’s creative and redemptive love, so also of those renewed in the image of God, Jesus Christ, the new Adam. The moral revolution effected by Luther’s theological re-ordering of the catechetical texts was to move sanctification from the individualistic struggle to get to heaven by “religious” works to the corporate struggle to remake this earth a structure of justice animated by love effected by truly “good works”...

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Review of "Johannes Bugenhagen: Selected Writings"

by Sarah Wilson — October 24, 2015

Bugenhagen is one of those delightfully German names that Reformation enthusiasts know and love: he was the town pastor, in fact Luther’s own pastor, in Wittenberg, where a bust near the City Church honors his memory. He was a close friend of all the key players in the town and wrote some church orders for newly reformed evangelical communities. But beyond these few facts and warm regard, Bugenhagen—“the Pomeranian”—has remained hidden behind a cloud of unknowing in the English-speaking world. That is, until now...

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Learning Luther: The First Table of the Commandments

by Paul R. Hinlicky — October 05, 2015

You might notice, straight off, that Luther dispensed with the Prologue to the Decalogue, “I am the LORD your God, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage…” This is not a slight edit. The prologue provides the ergo, the grounding, of the injunction following: “Have no other gods,” that is, gods who will bring you back again to bondage. Because this God is the liberator, what follows are directives for life of the liberated people of God, “that it may be well with you and that you live long in the land that the LORD your God is giving you”...

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Ten Commandments Confession of Sin

by Michael Comer — September 21, 2015

Michael Comer, pastor at Lutheran Chapel in Gastonia, North Carolina, sent the following liturgy to us as an example of using the Ten Commandments for confession, as mentioned in Sarah Hinlicky Wilson’s editorial “Why Preach the Law?” (Summer 2015). The texts are adapted from Evangelical Lutheran Worship and the Service Book and Hymnal. Comer notes that the “explanations are an attempt to consider especially the First Use of the Law while the Second Use is hopefully engaged during the time of silence and self-examination.” Pastors and congregations are welcome to make use of this liturgy as they wish...

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Learning Luther: The Prefaces to the Large Catechism

by Paul R. Hinlicky — September 08, 2015

The word “catechism” denotes the pedagogy of “learning by repetition.” We make fun nowadays of leaning by repetition; we call it learning “by rote” and dismiss it as mindless drudgery. For many of us older ones, it brings back unhappy, even painful memories of memorization: of multiplication tables, of the Table of Periodic Elements, of conjugations of verbs or declensions of nouns in foreign languages, and so on. How much more exciting to learn by experience, to experience new things and forget the old!...

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