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Ten Commandments Confession of Sin

by Michael Comer — September 21, 2015

Michael Comer, pastor at Lutheran Chapel in Gastonia, North Carolina, sent the following liturgy to us as an example of using the Ten Commandments for confession, as mentioned in Sarah Hinlicky Wilson’s editorial “Why Preach the Law?” (Summer 2015). The texts are adapted from Evangelical Lutheran Worship and the Service Book and Hymnal. Comer notes that the “explanations are an attempt to consider especially the First Use of the Law while the Second Use is hopefully engaged during the time of silence and self-examination.” Pastors and congregations are welcome to make use of this liturgy as they wish...

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Learning Luther: The Prefaces to the Large Catechism

by Paul R. Hinlicky — September 08, 2015

The word “catechism” denotes the pedagogy of “learning by repetition.” We make fun nowadays of leaning by repetition; we call it learning “by rote” and dismiss it as mindless drudgery. For many of us older ones, it brings back unhappy, even painful memories of memorization: of multiplication tables, of the Table of Periodic Elements, of conjugations of verbs or declensions of nouns in foreign languages, and so on. How much more exciting to learn by experience, to experience new things and forget the old!...

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Review of “Sister Elisabeth Fedde” by Gracia Grindal

by Sarah Wilson — August 31, 2015

Until this book appeared, the sources of information on the pioneering deaconess Elisabeth Fedde (1850–1921) were few and far between. Part of her diary from part of her time in Brooklyn can be found online; there are a few scholarly articles about her, mostly in journals catering to the relatively restricted world of Norwegian-American studies; and there’s a romanticized and fictionalized account of her life from 1953 called The Borrowed Sister. Kelly-Ray Meritt wrote a great introduction to her life and work based on these sources for the summer 2013 issue of LF. But now fans of Elisabeth have the whole story, recounted in loving detail by Gracia Grindal...

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Review of “Abundant Harvest: Stories of Asian Lutherans”

by Sarah Wilson — August 12, 2015

To the average American Christian imagination, Africa is still the continent in need of missionaries. The slightly better informed imagination realizes that Christianity is already a vibrant reality in Africa, neck in neck with Islam for religious dominance. Europe’s Christianity is dying, South America is being traded between Catholics and Pentecostals, and North America we know all too well. But… Asia? Somehow Asia has fallen from the radar, or never got picked up on it in the first place...

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Review of “Theology and Economic Ethics: Martin Luther and Arthur Rich in Dialogue” by Sean Doherty

by Christopher J. Nagel — July 29, 2015

Sean Doherty seeks to compare the pre-industrial age thinking in Martin Luther’s 1520 Sermon von dem Wucher (Sermon on Usury) with that of the modern era’s Arthur Rich, a Swiss systematic theologian and social ethicist whose two-volume magnum opus, Business and Economic Ethics: The Ethics of Economic Systems, was completed in 1990. Doherty’s aim is to present not so much a study in economic ethics but an understanding of the methods of these particular thinkers. The quick takeaway is that the reformer comes off with far more direct and real-world guidance to business practitioners than the ever circumspect Rich...

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